We offer: - fast, efficient and ingenious solutions, adjusted to your needs

              - speed and alertness in unforseen situations together with the capacity to meet very short deadlines

              - dedication in meeting and understanding your demandings

              - professional solutions and results, delivered on schedule

              - services efficiency regarding quality and price, well above the standard market 


We are specialised in tehnical solutions in:

                          - architecture

                          - civil engineering, road and bridge designing

                          - structural engineering

                          - earthworks

                          - water and wastewater treatment design 

                          - electric, thermal and sanitary installations complete with climatisations and ventilation


Depending on the different types of projects, we can offer the following services:

              - tehnical consulting by speciality

              - fesability studies

              - tehnical projects and execution details

              - tehnical documentation for construction authorization 

              - documentations for obtaining authorizations and agreements

              - tehnical expertise of constructions 

              - topographical and geological studies

              - historical monuments observations in time